Als Berater und (Zwischen-) Manager, wir sind tätig in Unternehmensentwicklung, Project- und Programm Management, Innovationsmanagement, Organisations- entwicklung und Prozessmanagement, Coaching und Training:



Vision and strategy development and implementation: we search for and develop new business based on a shared vision. We build a long-term image about the development of the organisation and translate this into a strategy. Stakeholder management, scenario development, user evaluations, business cases and risk analysis are part of this process.


We look from different perspectives to your business and help you think there's no box. . . Together we develop an overall plan. We guide and support the change process. We also support you with mergers, acquisitions, business recovery, building partnerships and outsouring for sustainable success. Training is integral part of our services.


Project- und Programm-Management

Projects are temporary relationships, based on a flexible deployment of people and resources. The aim is to realise a concrete result in agreements on time, money and quality. Project management integrates knowledge and experiences from different areas or disciplines and brings it all together in an accepted plan and manages execution. Programmes are coherent sets of projects, activities and tasks aiming to achieve strategic goals.


We have a unique approach to project and programme development: we co-create on projects. Project co-creation is based on the guiding force and focus of project and programme management, but gives also room for creativity and inspiration. We have extensive expertise in management, consultancy and training in projects and programmes for hightech systems, infrastructure and logistics. We also have a multi-annual expertise in managing larger acquisition projects and European tenders.


Innovationsmanagement: Produkt und Service-entwicklung
Innovation management is about how to bring new products and services to the market successfully. Marketing, sales, development, production and service have to work together in teams. Translate user needs into new productss, develop or adapt a manufacuring process and the supply chain, use of new technologies, building high performance teams and communication are aspects to be involved.


We support organisations in improving on innovation management, i.e. business development, project management, process improvement, leadership and building high performing teams, communication and output management, supply chain management, corporate culture and many others aspects.

Organisationsentwicklung und Prozessmanagement

Organisations feel the urgency to initiate or respond to developments in technology, their business and society as a whole. As a consequence they struggle with questions as: how to deal with uncertainties and these changes? Whether organisations succeed stands or falls with the willingness of management and employees to bring in their knowledge, experience and energy to make change together come alive.


The ability to create a learning organisation demands coordination and a unifying vision, an image that inspires and gives direction, and a binding process in which that vision can further develop. We support clients to empower, train and develop their managers and employees to create and contribute. Change changes into fun again!